About CliniSys

CliniSys is a market-leading provider of computer software for the pathology sector, and is also part of the Roper Group, a diverse technology and investment company with annual revenues of $3.8 billion.

If you have had a blood test, a tissue sample taken or a biopsy in the United Kingdom or Western Europe, there is a strong chance that it will have been processed by CliniSys computer software. In the UK alone, it is predicted that there are approximately 800 million tests performed annually in pathology laboratories across the country, and 370 million of these tests are processed through CliniSys software.

We've specialised in the development and deployment of Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS) for 30 years, to both public and private laboratories. More than 2,500 laboratories in 30 countries supporting 100,000 professionals who use CliniSys software. We have one of the largest healthcare IT teams in Europe; around 140 of our staff members are based in the UK, and the rest are spread out in a variety of locations such as Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland. 

Our Values


Our solutions and services are centred around our people and we have the best expertise in the industry. CliniSys people are technically astute, customer-focused, industry experts who pay attention to details and deliver quality services - they care about doing the very best job they can. 


Customers are at the heart of everything we do. Our customers trust us with their operational future: we say what we do and we do it - so our customers can focus on their business. 


Our services and solutions combine best practice processes, adherence to the highest quality management and control accreditations, and unrivalled expertise and experience. We ensure that our customers maximize the business value of their clinical laboratory management information systems, drive innovation and growth, increase efficiency and agility, and mitigate risk.


We have an open, honest approach focused on mutually agreed outcomes and shared risk, guaranteeing focus, flexibility and a "can do" commitment. We are consistent, we are honest and we hold ourselves to account. We deliver results and, through integrity, we build trust with our customers, partners and people