Meet the Team

Michael Simpson - Chairman and CEO of the CliniSys Solutions Group

Michael joined CliniSys in 2018 as Chairman and CEO of the CliniSys Solutions Group.  Michael has over 30 years’ experience in International Healthcare, telecommunications, media and emerging technologies industries. 

Prior to his role at CliniSys, Michael was CEO of Caradigm, which was recognised as one of the breakout leaders of the population health market, during his tenure. Michael's extensive experience also includes time with Amazon, McKesson, QuadraMed, GE, Unisys, Novell and Philips.


Andrew Darby - Chief Financial Officer

Andrew joined CliniSys in 2016 as Chief Financial Officer.

Andrew has 20 years’ experience as a CFO, the majority of which time has been within the software sector, with the last 10 years spent as a CFO on the London public markets.

Andrew brings with him extensive international experience, including time spent overseas, and strong operational experience around M&A.


Robin Morris - Chief Executive Officer

Robin joined CliniSys in 2014 as Chief Operating Officer.

Robin has led the business through key transformation programmes to scale the UK operations and its software solutions to support the development of UK pathology networks while continuing to deliver robust growth. 

Robin has over 20 years of executive leadership experience across a range of Information Technology industries and his focus is always to keep the customer at the centre of everything we do.